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Introducing Beer Selector

Pilsner. Stout. Porter. Hefeweizen? The craft beer revolution has significantly expanded the styles of beer readily available. So much so that sometimes it can be difficult to even select what to try. So we're introducing the Beer Selector app, your one-stop reference for everything beer.

So Many Beers, So Little Time

No more careful analysis of dozens of different options. Use the Selector feature to simplify your decision. Quickly cycle through three visual beer styles at a time paired with a description of each option. When one catches your eye, you know what to get.

Manage Your Favorite Styles

Browse through over 60 styles of beer, from altbier to winter warmer. Each has genuine photography as well as a succinct description of the color, strength, balance, aromas, and flavors. Turn beer styles on or off to include only what you like with the Selector feature.


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